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Chris Bambrough - cartoonist and artistHello and a VERY warm welcome to my cartoon website. My name is Chris Bambrough and I`m an artist and cartoonist living in Barnard Castle, County Durham, in the north-east of England.

If you`re looking to buy cartoons for your books/articles/blogs etc. or would like a cartoonist (me) to caricature the guests at your wedding, birthday, retirement do or corporate thingy THEN you`ve come to the right place.

I do hope you enjoy taking a look around the website and getting to know me and my work. What would you like? Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or something fruity with fizz? The virtual cartoon kitchen is always open, so grab a cup and have a leisurely wander about...

PSssst: If you`re in a hurry & need to get in touch with me rather quick for that event you`ve got where an emergency cartoonist is vital OR you need an urgent birthday gift, etc, contact me on 01833 695326 - mobile: 07563 931251 or Twitter or Facebook. Thanks!

We're all in this together - politics and mayhem!
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